​​​​March 2018

Engraving Wine Bottles

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Can you engrave wine bottles?

The answers is yes, they make an excellent truly personalised gift. There is definitely a bit of skill required when it comes to engraving wine or spirit bottles and is a job you should only entrust with an experienced engraver. To get an effective result it is essential that the bottle is not only laser engraved but also sandblasted. This ensures a nice engrave that is clear and deep.Over the years at Laserworx we have engraved countless wine bottles, including one export order of 5,000 bottles to Japan for Folium Vineyards of Malborough. So you could pretty much say we have perfected the process !! Whether you are a company wanting to engrave your product to give it that touch of elegance or just wanting to get something a little special done for a loved on we can help.

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