Laserworx has been established as one of New Zealand's top laser engraving and cutting companies for over 20 years. Combining technical expertise, creativity and a wealth of experience, we offer the very best service to our clients.

Our factory is large, busy, sometimes a little messy and full of creative energy. We take on some pretty big jobs and we meet some pretty tight time frames, but we always have a lot of fun. 

* When Folium Vineyards in Malborough  needed 5,000 bottles of wine engraved to be exported to Japan by the end of the month, it was all hands on deck. Job completed with a day to spare!!

* When Genesis Communications in Auckland needed over 200 radio telephones engraved for Air New Zealand we said fine. When they said the radios are in use during the day, we opened up at midnight, put a big pot of coffee on and engraved until day break !!

* When New Zealand Fire Service head office in Wellington needed  some way to put a 5 digit serial number on 1,200 respirators that wouldn't come off they contacted us for help. We figured out a way to engrave them  and got the job done. 


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